Working On A Musician’s Bio

Keeping the above in mind, let’s take a look at a bio that was sent to me as a rough draft by one of my subscribers recently.

I’m going to print it out verbatim, and offer my comments and suggestions for some improvements.

My general thoughts appear at the bottom of the bio, and specific comments are in red throughout.

RUCKUS JUICE JUG STOMPERS has been bringing their old-timey, good-time jug band music to audiences in western New York since 2008. Known as “America’s happiest music”, jug band music has its roots in country blues, old times. (Stop right there – I’ll reverse those first two sentences and sell the reader on the idea of ​​jug band music in the first line. Keep in mind that a small percentage of your readers will leave with every single sentence in your bio – yes, we all are too lazy and distracted – so you want to sell them immediately on the idea that you’re offering something special, and in your case, really fun, and a good reason to keep reading. Sentence #1 doesn’t Do it, but sentence #2 certainly does.) The band’s captivating, high-energy performances take audiences back in time as RUCKUS JUICE blends music, creativity, and tradition. (Love you’re talking about the audience experience.) It’s a “bottomless barrel of musical ear candy,” in the words of one eloquent fan. Fans tell the band over and over that they also love to dance, stump, sing and kazoo together! (I might be missing the “fans tell the band” line, because it’s not as believable as most of the other stuff, but the description of what the audience did during a show is a keeper – how to combine it with sentence #3 If so, it reads “… .. as Ruckus Juice keeps them dancing, stumping, singing, ….”)

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  Like any traditional jug band, (the first five words aren’t required and probably work against you – you don’t necessarily “like any traditional jug band”) the instrumentation of jug stompers combines (the next four words or so are not necessary) – attention span is short – I can start the paragraph here “Traditional string band instruments (banjo, guitar, doghouse bass, fiddle and less-traditional banjoline) with homespun instruments (jugs, washboards and Cashew) (combine the previous sentence with the next sentence) This is a band that knows how to entertain. Audience members described Ruckus Jus Jug Stompers as “excellent musicianship combined with entertaining performances”. It’s not uncommon for RUCKUS JUICE to be loose and free-spirited repertoire—you never know when they’ll bust a wacky instrumental or special guest musicians will hop and ruck with them. (It’s all like, a little squeamish about the unfounded quotes, but I think they work here. Over time, I’ve changed them to attributive quotes like “The Rochester D&C Said About the xyz Band” I’m also a little concerned that if there’s some way to get the “best busker” line out, for example, it’s strong “social proof” that you guys are talented and fun. I said earlier that You mentioned the prizes won usually don’t have priority in a bio, but the exception is when it’s directly relevant to whether you’re “selling” – in this case, you’re referred to as an exceptional “busker.” Which greatly increases the chances that your band is going to be a lot of fun. If you won “Best Male Vocalist at the 2018 Rochester Music Awards,” that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re supporting what you’re promoting. 

RUCKUS Juice JUG STOMPERS Formed when like-minded musicians clashed with each other on Bluegrass Tuesday at Johnny’s Irish Pub and decided to form a jug band. They cobbled together their names from a line in a Memphis Jug Band song about some particularly powerful moonlight (pronounced “roo-kus jus”) and dubbed themselves Jug Stompers to pay tribute to Gus Cannon. (I’ll also reverse the first two sentences here. #2 is more compelling than #1, and may answer a question on your reader’s mind. You can start the paragraph with “So what is Hungama Ras?of the 60s, and more contemporary to the latest half-century influenced by music. Fans Appreciate What He Called “Clever and Shrewd”.

tic repertoire” and “a great laundry list of standards that patrons of all ages can enjoy!”

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Over the past decade, RUCKUS JUICE JUG STOMPERS has performed at many clubs, breweries, wineries and sideries in western New York. The band has more festivals under their belt including the Lilac Festival, The Real Bear Expo, Steampunk Festival, Park Avenue Fest, Ribfest, Clothesline Arts Fest, I-Square Fall Festival, and Canadigua Arts & Music Fest. (Ditto for this paragraph – sentence 2 is stronger than sentence 1. Have “performed at multiple clubs, breweries, etc.” more gigs than you can count on any given day.) RUCKUS Juice JUG STOMPERS TO Neighborhood Events has been invited back to perform. , local festivals, senior living facilities, residential facilities for at-risk youth, summer camps and school art shows. (The invite back is important! If there is a way to combine the first three sentences into two, sentence one is about more gigs than you can count, and sentence two is about everyone being invited back.) The crowd enjoys “historical and hysterical commentary on the songs, the band-shatter, [and] accepting requests.” One of the biggest compliments we get is that we are asked to play in private parties and weddings of fans. (You switched to first person here – saying “we” – bios should always be written in third person as if you are talking about an entity other than yourself, as you did in this bio. Me Also think this last sentence is a bit unfounded and generally sounds less professional than the rest.)

General Thoughts On This Band Bio

This Is Really Well Written!

Appreciation. Covers a lot of bases, has a lot of variety, and is written in a very accessible style. Also keeping in mind the needs of the readers.

it piqued my interest many times

You guys sound professional, but also FUN, which is ideal for the type of music you do. Inspired me to watch you perform.

It’s too long!

I suggest creating three versions of this bio – short, medium and long.

(Most people will never move past the short version.)

You want to make it very easy for the media, bookers, and potential audiences to get a handle on what you’re about to do very quickly.

There would be a place for the longer version (I’m thinking of your website, a concert, festival book, etc.), but I suspect something shorter and punchier will be used more often.

Sample Short Band Bios

(~50 words) Hailed as “America’s happiest music”, jug band music has its roots in the country blues, old-time folk and early jazz traditions of American music. Led by the three-time winner of Rochester’s Best Busker contest, Ruckus Juice Jug Stompers dares its audience to sing, dance, stomp and not even get along with cashews!

Or, How About It?

(~50 words) What happens when the three-time winners of Rochester’s Best Busker Competition assemble a jug band to perform “America’s Happiest Music” with all kinds of banjolines, washboards, kazoos and fiddles? Well, people dance, stomp and sing. very.How To Make A Medium Length Artist Bio

(80-100 words or so) Take a short version of your biography and add some social proof (citations, high profile gigs, etc.), show some humor (if appropriate) or personality, mention some of the more interesting or unusual devices for you. Play, or create your own unique repertoire.

Long Version

More or less what we did above, but I may give a title to each of the second, third and fourth paragraphs, just to make it a little easier to digest.

Something like “A Ruckus Juice Performance” (Par. 2), “Band Origins and Ethos” (Par. 3), and “Band Experience” (Par. 4)

Writing An Artist Bio: Other Ideas

Some other ideas and tips for writing (or improving) your own bio:

be interested

show personality

Tell a story – people are wired to answer them

Write each sentence with a purpose – to carry the reader to the next sentence

Did I mention making it about them? Who are you writing for and what do they (or their audience) get from booking with you?

Another (Great) Idea

Many thanks to Dan Walpole, the author of the rough draft above, for the following idea, which I love.

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